Thermal Drone Operations and Environmental Conservation

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The Importance of Environmental Awareness

We have recently conducted a Continued Professional Development (CPD) program in partnership with the Environment Agency UK focusing on thermal operations, and day and night flying.

In an era where environmental protection and sustainable practices are of paramount importance, this collaboration our dedication to fostering environmental stewardship through advanced drone technology. This CPD program serves as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility within the drone industry.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to professional training delivery and environmental sustainability is clearly reflected in this remarkable collaboration, combining their expertise in drone technology with the Environment Agency’s extensive environmental monitoring and conservation knowledge. This further aims to enhance the monitoring capabilities of the Environment Agency whilst adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

The CPD program included a series of comprehensive sessions on the DJI M30T, with a focus on thermal, day and night flying, and Tabletop exercises that brought together the collective wisdom and experience of our expert Academy instructors and the Environment Agency’s environmental specialists.

This hands-on experience provided an invaluable opportunity for the participants to witness first-hand the positive impact of thermal drone technology in monitoring and conserving environments during both the day and the night. It also showcased the potential of drone technology, specifically the DJI M30T, in gathering critical data for environmental protection and conservation efforts.

Ian Galloway MBE, one of our EEI Training Academy instructors said “We are incredibly proud to have partnered with the Environment Agency to advance the use of drone technology for environmental conservation. This collaboration continues to expand our knowledge and understanding of the environment, bio-conservation and how we can protect it through the use of drones.”

Tom Pickover, Operations Manager (Lower Ouse, Cambridgeshire) for the Environment Agency, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “The training that the EEI Ltd RPAS Academy provided has been really beneficial to our drone operators in East Anglia. This collaboration has opened new avenues for drone operators to offer aerial imagery and video to our varied area and national teams. It will also enhance our recovery ability, following flooding and environmental incidents. This Continued Professional Development training has enabled our East Anglia drone operators to test their full capabilities and allowed the organisation to understand the capability of the drones we have under the watchful eye and expertise of EEI trainers.”

Both ourselves and the Environment Agency believe that, as the world faces ever-increasing environmental challenges, this type of training, delivered by a leading drone training academy, and a prominent environmental agency is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing these challenges head-on.

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