Drone Training

We are accredited as a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) by the CAA, which allows us to deliver training for the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) and the General Visual Line of Sight Certifcate (GVC). Our Academy prides itself on the high-quality drone training we offer to customers of all backgrounds, industries and levels of drone piloting experience.

Our Academy instructors are ex-military professionals with extensive backgrounds in drone operations from all over the world, uniquely placing us to offer tactics and training relevant to your requirements.

All of our drone training courses are completely customisable based on your requirements, meaning you can choose one of our additional vocational qualifications to enhance your certifications and broaden your range of opportunities. 

  • Zeta

    Zeta Drone Training instruction. DJI instructor

    Our Zeta course is our most popular drone training course and has taken over 2000 students from complete beginners to confident and safe drone operators in just 4 days. 

    The combined qualifications ensure that you walk away with all the knowledge and skills that you need to operate drones in a professional manner, no matter your project, hobby or industry.  

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  • Zeta Closed

    Zeta Closed Drone Training

    Our Zeta Closed course is ideal for businesses or groups of people looking to broaden their skillsets, taking organisations, and their offerings, to new heights.  

    Our expert, ex-military instructors have delivered training to industry sectors such as Film and TV, Agronomy, Geo-Science and the emergency services. 

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  • Zeta Fast Track

    Zeta Drone Training Fast Track.

    Already got some flying experience under your belt?  

    Our Zeta Fast Track Course is the ideal way to earn your GVC and A2 CofC in just 2.5-days, giving you the confidence and professionalism you need to operate drones safely in a wide range of industries and sectors.  

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  • A2 CofC

    A2 CofC drone training. DJI drone controller.

    Our 1-day A2 CofC course is available for both online and in-person delivery with one of our expert instructors, and is designed to prepare you for drone operations within the A2 category. 

    This qualification is essential if you are planning operations within congested areas, providing you with the knowledge of technical mitigations for ground risk. 

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  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    Drone thermal imaging continuous professional development

    Want to enhance your operational skills and knowledge?

    Our CPD training is completely customisable to your exact needs, whether that be regulatory updates, night drone operations, thermal imaging, or search and rescue, our expert instructors will adapt your training to suit you.

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  • Emergency Services Training

    Emergency Services drone training. Fire and rescue, police.

    Having trained fire services, mountain rescue and over 45% of UK Police Forces, our expert, ex-military instructors are well equipped to conduct bespoke, combined GVC and A2 CofC drone training courses to all types of emergency services personnel. 

    With the implementation of real-life scenarios to ensure that all course students are ready to apply their new skills to high-stress scenarios and environments on completion of the course. 

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  • Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award

    RLSS Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award

    The 5-day Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award, in conjunction with the A2 CofC GVC, offers comprehensive drone training for individuals involved in life-saving tasks around water. 

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  • Vocational Qualifications

    Vocational qualifications drone training. NVQ.

    Want to earn either your NVQ Level 3 or Level 4 Certificate in Drone Operations?

    Our vocational qualifications are ideal for those who are aspiring to enter the drone industry, or for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit aiming to establish their own drone-related business.

    These courses are also eligible for ELCAS funding (provider name: Eagle Eye Innovations).

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