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Eagle Eye Innovations’ expansion to the stunning island of Malta will allow our customers and clients to take advantage of the island’s exceptional weather conditions and environment, providing optimal flight capabilities all year round!

Man in high vis flying a drone above a landing pad at a construction site.


EEI Europe will be teaming up with the educational entities in Malta and will be delivering RPAS Vocational Courses to a wide range of students and industry sectors.

Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of disciplines to cater to the interests and needs of our clientele.

We believe in promoting a dynamic and engaging learning environment, and we are committed to delivering training to the highest of standards to empower our customers with the knowledge and skills necessary for their personal and professional growth.


  • Emergency Services Training
  • Drone Cinematic and Media Course
  • Surveying & Construction Application
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
  • Maritime Research
  • Introduction to RPAS
  • RPAS Technician/Maintainer Training
  • Introduction to Safety Management
  • Security Drone Operator (SDO) Training

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