Drone Training for the Utilities and Transport Industries

Comprehensive drone training courses, suitable for professionals in the utilities and transport industries throughout the UK.

In an age characterised by rapid technological progress, the utilities and transport sectors are leading the charge in innovation, seeking more efficient and safer methods to meet increasing demands. Drones have emerged as an indispensable tool – with their versatility, agility, and ability to access remote or hazardous environments with ease, drones offer unparalleled advantages, from infrastructure inspection to emergency response. However, realising the full potential of drones requires not just their deployment but also comprehensive training to ensure proficiency, safety, and compliance with regulations. That’s where EEI can help – we can equip professionals with the skills needed to effectively utilise this transformative technology.

How can drones help the Utilities and Transport Industries?

  • Inspect Infrastructure – monitor infrastructure such as aerials, high-voltage electrical lines and railway tracks
  • Powerline Inspections – monitor for defects, birds nest, weather damage, metal rust, cracks etc
  • Aerial Surveillance and Mapping – utilising drones for aerial surveillance allows for the monitoring of various locations such as bodies of water and construction sites. Additionally, drones can survey and create detailed maps for future expansion projects, providing high-quality imagery to support planning and development efforts
  • Emergency Responsee.g. natural disasters such as flooding – drones can provide real-time situational awareness, assess damage, locate individuals and help plan response efforts.
  • Remote Tool Delivery – Carrying tools or replacement parts to remote or hard to reach location, which in turn will reduce risk to humans
  • Environmental Monitoring – when equipped with specialised sensors, drones can monitor parameters such as air quality, water pollution, and vegetation growth. This capability aids utilities in maintaining regulatory compliance and reducing their ecological footprint

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    EEI drone training for your industry

    The Zeta drone course is our 4-day, combined General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accredited drone training course, and aims to train students how to fly safely and manipulate sensors to support a wide range of drone applications.

    • Learn from ex-military drone experts
    • Professionally delivered face-to-face instruction throughout
    • An excellent learning environment that caters for all learning styles
    • Minimum 2 hours practical flight training included
    • EEI Operations Manual template included
    • EEI pen and notebook included
    • Student handbook
    • Light lunch and refreshments included
    • Free car parking
    • Retraining and one theory and flight assessment retest included if required

    All candidates will be expected to complete pre-course online learning through our e-learning platform, which will be followed by 2 days of classroom-based, instructor led theory. This will culminate in a written examination before you begin your flight training, which you will use to start preparing for your flight assessment on the final day of the course.

    After students successfully complete the theory training and pass the examination, they will attain the A2 CofC. This achievement grants them permission to engage in flying within the Open category (low risk). Following this accomplishment, when students effectively complete the flight assessment along with an EEI-ratified Operation Manual they will receive a GVC. This qualification empowers them to seek operational authorisation from the CAA for conducting flights within the Specific category (increased risk).

    There is an NVQ Level 3 and Level 4 bolt on available on all of our Zeta courses, both of which are eligible for ELCAS funding. Find out more here.

    We understand that convenience matters, which is why we offer a residential package option on most of our courses. Explore our course types and training locations below.

    Our training

    Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills in infrastructure inspection, emergency response, or environmental monitoring, our courses are designed to equip you with the expertise needed to excel in your field. With conveniently located training centres across the UK, including Lincoln, Swindon, and Norwich, our expert instructors are ready to help you take your career to new heights. Browse our courses below and secure your spot today to unlock the full potential of drone technology in the utilities and transport sectors.


    The Zeta South West course will be run at Stanton House Hotel in Swindon and can be attended as a residential or non-residential option. Book your place on our CAA accredited, 4-day, combined General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) course below.



    The Zeta South East course will be run at Park Farm Hotel & Leisure in Norwich and can be attended as a residential or non-residential option. Book your place on our CAA accredited, 4-day, combined General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) course below.



    The Zeta Central course will be run at EEI HQ in Lincolnshire and can be attended as a residential or non-residential option. Book your place on our CAA accredited, 4-day, combined General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) course below.


    Targeted Training Solutions: The Closed Zeta Experience for your Organisation

    Looking to enroll multiple employees in our Zeta course? Seeking a more tailored training solution for your team? Look no further than our Closed Zeta course. Designed specifically for commercial groups or businesses, this bespoke course offers a comprehensive training experience built around our CAA accredited General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) and A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) course. With customisation options to address specific needs, such as night flying or specialised applications, the Zeta Closed course ensures that your team receives the training they need to excel in their roles. Spanning 5 days, this course  allows ample time to accommodate additional requirements while delivering thorough training and certification for all participants.

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    1. Excellent communication and dedication to ensure information was digestible and easy to understand. Practical approach and very friendly. A2 CofC Student

    2. Both Tim and & Ian were super knowledgable and very keen to make the training role specific for our individual departments. Really enjoyed it, keep up the good work. Avon and Somerset Police

    3. Excellent course. Tim was able to deliver all content in a way that made it easy to understand and more importantly, remember. The theory input provided a great starting point and ensured a seamless transition to the practical art of aviating the drones. The aspiration of earning “Gold Wings” is a fun incentive to work hard. Well done EEI Leicester Police

    4. The instruction from Steve and Gally was excellent.  They understood the need to translate the course content into a practical way that we as Kent Fire & Rescue Service will us it. I  believe all the content was covered and as a candidate I gained confidence at flying using the hand held screen and camera. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting involved with any drone activities. Kent Fire and Rescue Service

    5. Ian quickly delivered the one day course in a style and at a pace that was relevant to the students. Very credible and could relate military experience to our operational requirements. He was also able to give pragmatic solutions and advice around some of the grey areas of legislation and emergency service use which was very helpful. Thames Valley Police

    6. Clearly a very experienced instructor, calm and professional. They managed to adapt their teaching methodologies to suit the needs of each student. Kent Police


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