Drone Surveys

Drone surveys have been used for a number of years to enhance the data capture of a specific area or site using aerial imagery or video. This data can be used for many purposes in many industries including mapping, land surveying, construction site analysis, environmental monitoring, volumetric surveys and roof surveys. The process has been adopted in industries such as construction, agriculture and by many environmental agencies.

During drone surveys, the aircraft used will be equipped with a camera or other sensors designed to capture high-resolution imagery and data. A pre-determined flight path will be flown by the aircraft to capture the necessary data which will then be processed using specialist software to create detailed maps, 3D models and other visualisations of the data.

This method of surveying has many benefits. For example, a drone can cover a larger area in a shorter time-frame when compared to traditional surveying methods, and they can also provide more accurate and detailed data, especially in harder to reach areas which may pose safety issues when completed using traditional methods. With advances in drone technology, drone surveys are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to become the go-to surveying technique in the future.

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