Emergency Services

Drones, have transformed the landscape of Emergency Services operations. They serve as indispensable tools across various Emergency Services departments, offering capabilities ranging from Search and Rescue (SAR) missions to intelligence gathering, evidence preservation, collision investigation, and crime prevention. 

Our instructors, all with military or Emergency Services backgrounds, bring a wealth of experience to our specialised training courses. Proficient in both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drone operations within segregated and non-segregated airspace, they ensure that our Emergency Services training is unparalleled. 

While our courses strictly adhere to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved syllabus, our unique edge lies in tailoring classroom theory content to real-life Emergency Services scenarios. This practical approach equips personnel with actionable knowledge. 

EEI has successfully trained hundreds of Emergency Services Personnel, including Counter Terrorist Police, Specialist Firearms Officers, Response Officers, Fire and Rescue Services personnel, and those in specialised units such as Serious Collision Investigation Units. 

We recognise the vital role drones play in Emergency Services. For improved preparedness and effectiveness in crisis situations, enquire today. 

Your team’s safety and success are our top priorities, and we’re ready to assist you on your drone journey 

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    1. The instruction from Steve and Gally was excellent.  They understood the need to translate the course content into a practical way that we as Kent Fire & Rescue Service will us it. I  believe all the content was covered and as a candidate I gained confidence at flying using the hand held screen and camera. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting involved with any drone activities. Kent Fire and Rescue Service

    2. The whole team was an absolute pleasure to work with, friendly and approachable with a good sense of humour. University of the West

    3. Ian and Tim were very knowledgeable about the subject and approachable. Gauged the content and communication style to the attendees. Great week of learning a new skill. Sulhamstead Police Training College

    4. A great day and learned a huge amount. Definitely interested in a a further bespoke advanced flying day perhaps next year. Thanks Tim! Bespoke Flying Day Student

    5. Excellent course. Tim was able to deliver all content in a way that made it easy to understand and more importantly, remember. The theory input provided a great starting point and ensured a seamless transition to the practical art of aviating the drones. The aspiration of earning “Gold Wings” is a fun incentive to work hard. Well done EEI Leicester Police

    6. I was made to feel welcome from the outset. Suffering from PTSD I was very nervous and apprehensive about attending but was given sufficient information beforehand and made comfortable from arrival. It's been one of the most rewarding courses I've done as I was able to enjoy the course and not have to worry about myself. Simon Garland-Lo


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