Emergency Services

Our CAA accredited Emergency Services drone training combines both the A2 CofC and GVC with bespoke training exercises catered to the needs of your industry. This course can be delivered at one of our training sites across the UK, or a bespoke location depending on suitability and course numbers.

  • Learn from ex-military drone experts
  • Professionally delivered face-to-face instruction throughout
  • Bespoke training exercises catered to your needs

This training is designed for groups of Emergency Services professionals from organisations such as Fire and Rescue, Police and Ambulance and will take place over 5 days, with a similar structure to our Zeta course.

All students will be expected to complete pre-course learning through our e-learning platform prior to starting the course. This will be followed by 2-days of classroom-based, instructor-led theory training culminating in a multiple-choice written examination for your A2 CofC, and 3 days practical flight training tailored to emergency situations, and will finish with a practical flight assessment. Upon successful completion of your flight assessment, you will receive your GVC.

These qualifications, alongside the practical skills developed through bespoke training exercises catered to your industry, will leave you with the professionalism and confidence to operate a drone safely in a variety of situations.


The combined Emergency Services course for the GVC and the A2 CofC caters to both beginners and current drone pilots. This comprehensive course equips you with the latest knowledge and skill sets mandated by the CAA. These qualifications are essential for operating drones safely, in high-stress and conflict situations, and in compliance with regulations within either the Open category (low risk) or specific category (increased risk). 

Your course will consist of 2 days theory, encompassing 9 essential modules, and 3 days of flying, followed by a Flight Skills Assessment on the final day. 

Course modules will be taught covering:

  • Air law/ Responsibilities ​
  • RPAS Airspace Operating Principles ​
  • Airmanship & Aviation Safety​
  • Human Performance Limitations ​
  • Meteorology​
  • Navigation/Charts​
  • RPAS General Knowledge​
  • Operator Responsibilities ​
  • Operating Procedures


This course can be conducted at either our central training site in Lincolnshire, or at a bespoke location depending on course numbers.

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    1. As a novice to aviation I found the course very informative without being overwhelming. Zeta Student

    2. The instruction from Steve and Gally was excellent.  They understood the need to translate the course content into a practical way that we as Kent Fire & Rescue Service will us it. I  believe all the content was covered and as a candidate I gained confidence at flying using the hand held screen and camera. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting involved with any drone activities. Kent Fire and Rescue Service

    3. Very good and helpful trainers. They understood the difference in our police role as drone operators. Kent Police

    4. Excellent communication and dedication to ensure information was digestible and easy to understand. Practical approach and very friendly. A2 CofC Student

    5. Excellent course. Tim was able to deliver all content in a way that made it easy to understand and more importantly, remember. The theory input provided a great starting point and ensured a seamless transition to the practical art of aviating the drones. The aspiration of earning “Gold Wings” is a fun incentive to work hard. Well done EEI Leicester Police

    6. Clearly a very experienced instructor, calm and professional. They managed to adapt their teaching methodologies to suit the needs of each student. Kent Police


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