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Technical Services, our drone services branch, through the harnessing of ex-military experience and qualifications across many different types of uncrewed aircraft, offers a wide range of enabling and supporting functions to help you achieve your objectives. From the capture and delivery of data through our service delivery offering to Safety Assurance activity such as safety case generation and independent safety auditing, we are unique in being able to provide drone services across the whole spectrum of weight classes.


    Man in Eagle Eye Innovations branded jacket performing test and evaluation processes on a drone.

    T&E in the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) industry is a growth area in both the commercial and defence sectors. It enables the development of new systems and concepts to facilitate advances in areas such as Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations, swarming, and the dropping of articles.

    We have experience in the testing of innovative drone systems of all sizes and weight classes. This includes the generation of structured Test Plans and the planning and delivery of complex flight test programmes. All our services are agnostic and can be tailored to fit client needs.

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    Close up of folder with drone flying in the background.

    Drone pilots seek to operate in ways which require greater levels of safety assurance, thereby enabling more freedom. Facilitation includes the generation of Operating Safety Cases (OSCs), the Specific Operating Risk Assessment (SORA) methodology and, subject to system complexity, greater levels of safety assurance.

    We have a hugely knowledgeable team with many years of aviation experience, as well as a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks to help clients unlock and fulfil the potential of their systems and operations. Developing a coherent safety argument underpinned by a body of suitable evidence is the critical pathway to achieve regulatory permission.

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    Drone shot of construction site for a new college.

    Drone services have been used for a number of years to enhance the data capture during topographical surveys. Applications include 3D modelling, volumetric surveys and roof surveys.

    Using sophisticated platforms and complimentary software solutions, detailed survey models can be built and delivered quickly to the customer in the medium required, reducing the risk that characterised more traditional methods.

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    Drone photography shot of North Hykeham, displaying a large lake, trees and a village.

    Drone photography and videography offers an affordable alternative to manned aircraft, capturing ultra high-quality imagery using stabilised cameras.

    Aerial photography and videography really sets your content apart on your website, social media channels and printed materials, giving it real impact for your target audience. We have experienced drone operators who can quickly and safely capture and deliver exactly what you need according to your bespoke requirements.

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    Close up of drone controller screen. Man using it on construction site.

    Drones are used routinely to conduct airborne inspections on a wide range of infrastructure such as bridges, tall buildings, roofs, wind turbines, electricity pylons and more. This has replaced the traditional, costly and time-consuming methods previously employed, ensuring that tasks can be conducted quickly and safely.

    Our pilots are skilled at flying around obstacles and infrastructure to capture complex imagery for inspection purposes through their vast experience with a wide range of unmanned aircrafts.

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    Image of man setting up a large fixed wing drone for take off.

    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) that are required to deliver type training to clients on their RPAS often do not have the required programme. A structured type training programme enables an effective handover, ensuring that they meet the regulatory needs for operation and understand the systems capabilities and limitations.

    We have significant experience in delivering training on a wide range of systems and we will develop the training programme in accordance with the UK MOD Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT), generate detailed content, and plan and deliver training to meet requirements.

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    Image of man using laptop in the field as part of a drone consultancy project.

    Our team of highly knowledgeable experts has a wealth of experience in delivering consultancy, as part of our drone services, to meet your operational needs. Skillsets include advisory services for Concept of Operations (ConOps), Concept of Use (ConUse) and Concept of Employment (ConEmp) development, data analysis and report generation alongside acting as a customer friend.  Specialisms include the development and delivery of a wide range of multi-media training subjects delivery in both onsite and virtual environments.

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Due to the vast experience and knowledge of our expert team, we are able to provide solutions for a wide range of problems, including yours.

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