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Eagle Eye Innovations recognises the Security challenges currently faced by organisations around the globe. Threats posed by advancements in ground and RPAS technology are increasingly affecting the ability to secure and protect high value and vulnerable assets. EEI Asset Protection Solutions (APS) can provide an extensive and adaptable solution, utilising organic ground and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) platforms combined with other sensors to achieve your asset protection goals and objectives. Our aim is to directly support your need to protect your vulnerable assets and personnel.

ASSET protection sOLUTIONS

EEI utilises Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support and develop existing and developing risk management strategies and requirements, with the use of holistic air and ground solutions.  Enhancing risk management strategy by early identification of vulnerabilities and threats posed to operational sustainability by increasing Situational Awareness (SA).

The use of RPAS capability is required to mitigate against a technological criminal intent and technologically advanced peers, within domestic low risk and austere high risk operating environments. EEI APS will contribute to your risk management strategy to identify, treat, and mitigate future, emerging, and systemic risks to your organisation.

Our SMEs will work with you to recommend and implement future requirements, whilst also providing the capability for organisational training for your staff throughout the spectrum of security enabled RPAS operations.

Force protection

APS Tiered solutions

APS bridges the gap between ground and air Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) methods, reducing risk to life, resources and cost. Whilst, enhancing SA to your work force through rapid dissemination of ground truth and mission critical information via secure means.

Solutions known as Centurion Overwatch (CO) are adaptable, delivering several tiers of packages dependant on client needs allowing flexibility to adapt to changes in threats, resources, and cost. All operations will be managed locally through our Regional Operations Centre, and where required internationally by our Operational HQ in the UK.

A unique solution enhanced by the operational delivery conducted by personnel that are highly trained with years of experience and knowledge within this sector. APS packages range from consultancy and security surveys, through to full planning support and risk management strategy and implementation programmes.

APS incorporates all aspects of ASIS International’s Physical Asset Protection Management System’s (PAPMS) methodology and internationally accepted ‘best in class’ security standard, whilst working to the ISO31000 Risk management framework.

EEI utilises the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach whilst producing strategy and target hardening procedures and policy. All governance will be subject to International and task specific regional law, SIA guidelines, CAA, or task specific regional airspace legislation (for RPAS recommendations). These procedures emphasise a layered approach to security planning and risk mitigation. Supported by organic, agnostic RPAS technology, providing unique timely ISR, enabling SME ground analysis with the ability to inform other assets around the globe through secure means.

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