Eagle Eye Innovations Completes 4-week RPAS Training Course for Middle East Military Partner

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Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) recently concluded an intensive training program for a group of international military personnel, focusing on the operation, maintaining, and tactical use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) under 25kg. With classroom, synthetic, and live training elements, this specialised course aims to elevate the trainees’ proficiency in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) techniques, particularly in confined and challenging environments. The training culminated in Ex FALCON CREST, an ISR exercise where trainees demonstrate skills and operational readiness, with a live video feed being streamed back to their home unit Commander.

Comprehensive RPAS Training for Tactical Edge

In response to the evolving global landscape of modern warfare, we designed a course that not only covers the technical aspects of operating sub-25kg drones, but also integrates critical ISR techniques and explores novel applications of the technology. The program meticulously addressed the unique challenges faced by modern military forces, from expansive deserts to densely populated urban areas.

Course Structure

The training program was divided into key modules, each focusing on different aspects of RPAS operations, including:

  • Basic Flight Training, with UK CAA Multirotor and Fixed Wing GVC as a baseline skills assessment.
  • ISR Techniques using various systems, sensors, and imaging technologies.
  • Operating in Confined Areas through simulated and live scenarios.
  • Mission Planning and Execution.


The training culminated in an ISR mission exercise, supported throughout weeks 3 and 4 with real-time collect requirements to feed intelligence cycle decision-making, within realistic time frames. This final exercise simulated a real-world scenario where trainees deployed RPAS, conducted surveillance, and located points of interest within pre-planned and dynamic operations. They demonstrated proficiency in operating under pressure, making critical decisions based on real-time intelligence, and successfully achieving Commanders’ intent.


Course feedback was exceptional, with follow-on courses already committed. The trainees are now equipped with the skills to understand, plan, and operate various RPAS and sensors in tactical scenarios.

Courses like this underscores the importance of continuous learning in the face of evolving threats and technological advancements. The trainees return to their respective units better equipped to understand and implement RPAS technology in the modern conflict.

We remain committed to providing top-tier, bespoke training solutions for military and emergency services worldwide.

Contact us today or head to our drone training page to learn about our advanced training programmes.

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