Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award

Our CAA accredited, 5 day Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award (ERDPA) combines both the A2 CofC and GVC with specific training exercises centered around operating drones to assist with water-based rescues. 

The ERDPA is designed for individual or groups of life-guards, or those responsible for life-saving tasks specifically in water-related emergencies, and was created in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK). This course will be conducted at a suitable, bespoke location that provides the correct environment for this type of training.

Lifeguard flying drone with life saving floatation device attached.


All students will be expected to complete pre-course learning through our e-learning platform prior to starting the course. This will be followed by 2-days of classroom-based, instructor-led theory training culminating in a multiple-choice written examination for your A2 CofC, and 3 days practical flight training tailored to water-based rescues, and will finish with a practical flight assessment. Upon successful completion of your flight assessment, you will receive your GVC.

These qualifications, alongside the practical skills developed through bespoke training exercises catered to water-based rescues, will leave you with the professionalism and confidence to operate a drone safely in high-stress environments. 


The combined Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award course for the GVC and the A2 CofC caters to both beginners and current drone pilots. This comprehensive course equips you with the latest knowledge and skill sets mandated by the CAA. These qualifications are essential for operating drones safely, in high-stress and conflict situations, and in compliance with regulations within either the Open category (low risk) or specific category (increased risk). 

Your course will consist of 2 days theory, encompassing 9 essential modules, and 3 days of flying, followed by a Flight Skills Assessment on the final day. 

Course modules will be taught covering:

  • Air law/ Responsibilities ​
  • RPAS Airspace Operating Principles ​
  • Airmanship & Aviation Safety​
  • Human Performance Limitations ​
  • Meteorology​
  • Navigation/Charts​
  • RPAS General Knowledge​
  • Operator Responsibilities ​
  • Operating Procedures


This course will be conducted at an appropriate location, arranged between the customer and the instructor, due to the bespoke training required.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is A1, A2, and A3 categories of operating a <25kg drone?Reveal

    The categories of operations are known as A1, A2, and A3. They are classified as:

    • A1 (fly over people)
    • A2 (fly close to people)
    • A3 (fly far away from people)

    The basic CAA Drone Code will tell you everything you need to pass the test for a flyer ID, which allows you to fly in Open A1 and A3 categories.

    What is the difference between the Open and Specific categories?Reveal

    The Specific category covers operations that present a greater risk than that of the Open category, or where one or more elements of the operation fall outside the boundaries of the Open category. You must pass the online test and hold a Flyer-ID, and register as a UAS operator, and display your Operator ID on your UAS.

    Who provides the A2 CofC and GVC training?Reveal

    The A2 CofC and GVC training is provided by our experienced EEI Academy instructors. We are recognised by the CAA and their courses are designed to expand your theoretical knowledge to ensure you operate safely and appropriately.

    Where will I do the Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award training?Reveal

    This course will be conducted at an appropriate location, arranged between the customer and the instructor, due to the bespoke training required.


    1. Excellent course, professionally delivered and time management was excellent also. No time wasted, nothing rushed. Zeta Central Student

    2. Ian and Tim were very knowledgeable about the subject and approachable. Gauged the content and communication style to the attendees. Great week of learning a new skill. Sulhamstead Police Training College

    3. Excellent communication and dedication to ensure information was digestible and easy to understand. Practical approach and very friendly. A2 CofC Student

    4. I was made to feel welcome from the outset. Suffering from PTSD I was very nervous and apprehensive about attending but was given sufficient information beforehand and made comfortable from arrival. It's been one of the most rewarding courses I've done as I was able to enjoy the course and not have to worry about myself. Simon Garland-Lo

    5. As a novice to aviation I found the course very informative without being overwhelming. Zeta Student

    6. Did this for work (military). First time flying a drone and got competent quite quickly and the theory was heavy but taught well enough for a high pass on it. The instructor was former Forces so there was No BS. Really enjoyed it. Zeta South Student


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