Vocational Qualifications

All of our training courses are completely customisable based on your requirements, meaning you can choose one of our additional vocational qualifications below to enhance your certifications and broaden your range of opportunities. 

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NVQ: Level 3 Certificate

Obtaining an NVQ Level 3 certificate in drone operations offers a range of significant benefits for individuals aspiring to enter the world of drone technology. This credential is not only valuable for those who want to learn the fundamentals of drone flying, but it’s especially advantageous for individuals aiming to secure employment within the rapidly expanding field of commercial drone operations. This additional certification is also eligible for ELCAS funding (provider name: Eagle Eye Innovations).

NVQ: Level 4 Diploma

Obtaining an NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Drone Operations not only signifies a higher level of expertise but also opens up a world of opportunities for individuals aiming to establish their own drone-related business. This diploma serves as a powerful foundation for entrepreneurial endeavors, particularly for those who aspire to create a business centered around drone technology. This additional certification is also eligible for ELCAS funding (provider name: Eagle Eye Innovations).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the A1, A2, and A3 categories of operating a sub 25kg drone?Reveal

The categories of operations are known as Open A1, A2 and A3. They are classified as:

  • A1 (fly over people)
  • A2 (fly close to people)
  • A3 (fly far away from people)

The basic CAA Drone Code will tell you everything you need to pass the test for a flyer ID, which will allow you to fly in the Open A1 and A3 categories.

What is the difference between the Open and Specific categories?Reveal

The Specific category covers operations that present a greater risk that that of the Open category, or where one or more elements of the operation fall outside the boundaries of the Open category. You must pass the online test and hold a Flyer-ID, register as a UAV operator, and display your Operator ID on your UAV.

Who provides the A2 CofC and GVC training?Reveal

The A2 CofC and GVC training is provided by Eagle Eye Innovations and it’s team of expert drone pilot instructors. We are recognised by the CAA, and our courses are designed to expand your theoretical knowledge to ensure you operate your aircraft safely and appropriately.

Where will I do the training?Reveal

We have training venues and flight sites in Lincoln, Swindon, Lockerbie and Kinross with options to conduct the A2 CofC online.

If there are enough students on our courses, our training can also be brought to a bespoke location near you.


  1. Man in Eagle Eye Innovations branded jacket performing test and evaluation processes on a drone.

    Both Tim and & Ian were super knowledgable and very keen to make the training role specific for our individual departments. Really enjoyed it, keep up the good work. Avon and Somerset Police

  2. Eagle Eye Innovations logo.

    The instruction from Steve and Gally was excellent.  They understood the need to translate the course content into a practical way that we as Kent Fire & Rescue Service will us it. I  believe all the content was covered and as a candidate I gained confidence at flying using the hand held screen and camera. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone getting involved with any drone activities. Kent Fire and Rescue Service

  3. Training in a field

    Excellent course. Tim was able to deliver all content in a way that made it easy to understand and more importantly, remember. The theory input provided a great starting point and ensured a seamless transition to the practical art of aviating the drones. The aspiration of earning “Gold Wings” is a fun incentive to work hard. Well done EEI Leicester Police

  4. Man in Eagle Eye Innovations branded jacket performing test and evaluation processes on a drone.

    Ian quickly delivered the one day course in a style and at a pace that was relevant to the students. Very credible and could relate military experience to our operational requirements. He was also able to give pragmatic solutions and advice around some of the grey areas of legislation and emergency service use which was very helpful. Thames Valley Police

  5. Ian and Tim were very knowledgeable about the subject and approachable. Gauged the content and communication style to the attendees. Great week of learning a new skill. Sulhamstead Police Training College

  6. Men in military uniform using drone controller.

    Clearly a very experienced instructor, calm and professional. They managed to adapt their teaching methodologies to suit the needs of each student. Kent Police


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