Keeping Skies Safe: Emergency Services Drone Training with Kent Police

Kent Police Emergency Services Drone Training Course

We have been working with Kent Police to provide their officers with Emergency Services tailored drone training.

This training course is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the participants and culminates in a final confirmation exercise, demonstrating the proficiency and readiness of the participating officers.

This particular training programme, catered to Kent Police, encompassed various essential components, including:

Missing Person’s Search

This focused on honing skills in conducting effective aerial searches to locate missing persons swiftly and efficiently, utilising advanced drone technology to cover vast areas with precision.

DJI M30 Controller Handover/Takeover Procedures

This component of the course emphasised the mastery of the DJI M30 Controller, a vital skill in operating drones, particularly in high-stress and high-risk situations, ensuring officers could profess seamless transitions during critical missions and maintaining operational continuity.

Observation Exercise (Kim’s Game)

Kim’s Game is a simple memory game in which, traditionally, items are placed on a tray and then covered. They are then uncovered for a minute and recovered and participants must list all the items they can remember seeing.

In our exercise, inspired by Kim’s Game, participating officers engaged in an observation exercise, enhancing their situational awareness and cognitive abilities by memorising and identifying various objects within a designated area from an aerial perspective.

Final Assessments

Prior to the final confirmation exercise, all officers underwent rigorous theoretical instruction and flight practical assessments to ensure their proficiency in operating drones effectively and safely.

The successful completion of the Emergency Services drone training course underscores Kent Police’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative training methodologies to enhance operational capabilities and ensure the safety and security of the community.

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