Celebrating our Reservists

Two people in military uniform. One inside aircraft and one outside aircraft.

Here at EEI, we are proud to have over 500 years of military experience within our team, some of which still serve as Reservists in the Air Force. As it’s Reserves Day, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight two of our team members who currently dedicate some of their time, outside of their work with us at EEI, to the military.

We asked Holly and Stu about their experience as a Reservist and how they’ve found a balance between the military and civilian lifestyles.

Holly Waterland

Having left the RAF over a year ago, after several years service, joining as a reservist enables me to enjoy certain aspects of service life again whilst retaining a civilian life and career. The best of both worlds so to speak!

My experience as a reservist has been positive and enjoyable so far and one that offers unique benefits to both the company and the military.

Fortunately, my employer actively supports and encourages reservist activities which is eminently commendable.

Stu Clayton

Having had a 24 year career in the Royal Air Force; travelling the world to some amazing places and undertaking operations for the vast majority of that time, I felt it was the right time to leave the regulars and commit more time to my family, who, over the years, have had to deal with extensive periods of my absenteeism.

However, having been inspired by my father and dreaming of becoming aircrew in the RAF since the age of 7, it was an incredibly difficult to shake the commitment and sense of duty that I still felt. Therefore, finding out the RAF Reserves would be able to fulfil my desire to continue flying on operations was a huge bonus. They have enabled me to fly and support the front line when it is convenient for my family.

From my perspective, I get the thrill of still being able to do what I think I’m good at, and hopefully the military gets to retain some experience. Since joining the Reserves, I’ve continued to fly the Reaper MQ-9 as a sensor operator, as well as, helping to train newly qualified aircrew convert to the aircraft. My hope is that I can continue my commitment long term and train, inspire and lead the future aviators for Reaper and Protector.

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