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Alex Kasperczyk Director of Business Development

Alex joined Eagle Eye Innovations in 2018 having spent 12 years in the RAF. Initially as part of the Nimrod MR2 Force, he moved across the MQ-9 Reaper in 2011 spending 8 years as a Sensor Operator split between 39 Sqn in Nevada and XIII Sqn in Lincolnshire. Alex amassed 2200hrs becoming lead Sensor Operator Instructor and graduating from the inaugural MQ-9 Reaper Qualified Weapons Instructor course in 2017 and was awarded ‘Best Crew’ with his Pilot.

Since being with EEI, Alex has helped grow the company to become a trusted training partner of many UK Military Units expanding their use of RPAS, assisted with growing EEI’s reputation overseas, and helped to secure the growth of the RAFs MQ-9 Reaper Force through training excellence.

Alex believes that unmanned technology will be a part of all of our lives in the future, and is passionate about helping RPAS become recognised on a peer with traditional aviation.

Alex loves food and enjoyed eating Guinea Pig, Piranha, and Alligator Sushi while travelling down the Amazon River, Brazil in 2006. The only draw back being he is petrified of Spiders!