UAVs: Use in Emergency Services


UK – 5th May 2016

The benefits of using UAVs (or drones) for Law Enforcement, First Response & Search and Rescue (SAR) missions is quite simple; a fast, efficient and cost effective solution that provides real-time information.

From providing a birds-eye view of an area during a Search and Rescue mission, to manoeuvring into tight places to assess building damage for a fire department, the additional information a UAV can provide is so beneficial that some organisation have described their efficiency as improving 100 to 1 when using a UAV during an emergency situation.

Jeremiah Karpowicz’s article describes the difficulties Emergency Services in the US are having with implementing UAVs into their organisations, similar to that seen in the UK.

He highlights that although there is a slowly progressing attitude change to the use and implementation of UAVs in Emergency Service organisations, there is still some way to go to identify all of the possible benefits and develop the technology to meet the needs.

The catch-22 situation regarding the development of UAV technology involving the end user and the need for the end user to understand the technology in order to explore the possibilities is identified, which shows the importance of manufacturers working closely with their customers in this specialised industry.

Read the full article by Jeremiah Karpowicz:

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