Monthly ζeta Course

EEI are pleased to offer our CAA accredited 5-day Advanced GVC & A2 CofC Combined course running every month throughout 2022. The course will run monthly at our venue in Lincolnshire and is open to all organisations that we have trained, including Police forces, MOD Units, and corporate clients.

ζeta course explained

The General Visual Line of Certificate (GVC) and the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) Combined course cover entry-level candidates and current Operators.

The combined course provides extra knowledge required by the CAA to operate in the A2 category and consists of 2 days theory, 2 days flight training and 1 day to conduct a Flight Skills Assessment.

Course modules will be taught covering:

  • Air law/ Responsibilities ​
  • RPAS Airspace Operating Principles ​
  • Airmanship & Aviation Safety​
  • Human Performance Limitations ​
  • Meteorology​
  • Navigation/Charts​
  • RPAS General Knowledge​
  • Operator Responsibilities ​
  • Operating Procedures

one stop shop for qualifications

Combining the two courses allows the operator to apply for an Operational Authorisation in the Specific category once they have completed their Flight Skills Assessment and ensures that Operators are safe and compliant when operating their aircraft.

Qualifications are not just required for operators who are conducting operations for commercial applications but for all operators regardless of use.

All our operations staff come from an ex-military / commercial aviation background and possess a wealth of experience unparalleled in the commercial RPAS industry.

Available 2022 Dates

Month Week Commencing Month Week Commencing
October 31st December 12th
November 28th

Available 2023 Dates

Month Week Commencing Month Week Commencing
January 30th July 24th
February 27th August 21st
March 27th September 25th
April 24th October 23rd
May 22nd November 27th
June 26th December 11th

The ζeta course is a good opportunity to network with other operators from other entities and learn from their RPAS project experiences.

In addition to state-of-the-art learning facilities we can also provide, when required, a residential package where we can provide comfortable accommodation for candidates in a local hotel.

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