Drone/Sub 25KG Training

Remote Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA) is the training arm of the company that helps you navigate the rules and regulations of formal drone (RPAS) training.

As the longest running unmanned training academy in the United Kingdom, we have the reputation, experience and qualifications to get operators trained to the highest standard achievable.

If you are looking for training to operate your drone (RPAS) then we can help.


RUSTA is accredited as a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) by the UK’s Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA). This accreditation allows RUSTA to deliver the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) and the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) in line with the regulatory change introduced in January 2021. The most obvious change is that qualifications are not just required for operators who are conducting operations for commercial applications but for all operators regardless of use based on risk.

RUSTA prides itself on the high quality training offered to all customers, no matter what how you want to use the RPAS. Lessons are delivered live by our experienced instructors so you can always ask questions and go at a pace that is comfortable and relevant to your training requirement.

All of our instructors are ex-military and have a background in manned, unmanned and RPAS operations around the world. Additionally, with security cleared instructors, RUSTA is uniquely placed to offer tactics and training relevant to your operation.


A2 Certificate of Competency

The A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 C of C) is the entry-level qualification and allows an operator to fly their drone in the A2 category (Close to People). This is a one-day course that culminates in an examination.

This course gives you the extra knowledge required by the CAA to operate in the A2 category and for certain transitional situations in the A1 category.

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GVC – 3 Day

The GVC- 3 day allows an operator to apply for an Operational Authorisation in the Specific category once they have completed their Flight Skills Assessment. This qualification is similar to the legacy PfCO and allows an Operator the scope to operate in different areas.

The theory begins with access to our world leading Learning Management System (LMS). This online element consists of a pre-course e-learning package, which the candidate completes in their own time.

Then the candidate either attends a two-day course at an approved RUSTA venue or they can complete the online course via a media conferencing tool such as MS Teams. The two days or theory cumulate with an invigilated examination.

The candidate then has to submit an Operations Manual, if they haven’t already got one, and conduct a Flight Skills Assessment before they earn there RUSTA wings.

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If you have little, or no flying experience, RUSTA can uniquely add an additional flying element to ensure you reach a good standard of operating. The course has the same theory element as the GVC-3 day. However, after you’ve completed your theory element, and passed the examination, you’ll proceed to three days flying instruction with our world-class professional flying instructors. Starting right from the basics our instructors will guide and teach you all the elements you need to become a professional, safe RPAS operator. Culminating with a flight skills assessment you will graduate with your RUSTA wings safe in the knowledge that you have learnt from the best in the business.

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ζeta is the latest way we can better provide better more efficient training to our clients. We identified in the summer of 2021 that many larger organisations wanted to enrol individual operators on an advanced course but were unable to muster the number of delegates required to conduct their own closed course. In order to help clients train their operators on a reduced scale, we’ve designed the ζeta course.

The ζeta course will run monthly at our venue in Lincolnshire and will follow the same format as the Advanced course that our customers will have been familiar with in the past. However, the course will be open to all organisations that we have trained, including Police forces, MOD Units, and corporate clients. The training will be identical to the 5-day course that we’ve historically run but combines both the A2 CofC and GVC qualifications. Being held at Lincoln allows us to utilise more resources at our RPAS flying site.

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RLSS Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award

Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) and EEI have partnered to offer the Emergency Response Drone Pilot Award. This award trains candidates on how to operate a drone to assist with water-based rescues. The course will cover all theory and practical knowledge required to legally fly a drone in the UK undertake lifesaving actions to help preserve life until a rescue can take place.


RPAS Bespoke training

Does your company or organisation require something more specialised ? If so, our team can design a course that not only incorporates the regulatory qualifications but features a flying element uniquely catered to your professional requirements. Contact us today and speak to one of our training design professionals who can explain more about this service.

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Contact the EEI team where can advise you on the right training for you or your organisation.

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