Bespoke Training

Looking for a training package that suits your operations and organisations? We can develop a training package that is right for you.

designing a training programme for you

EEI is aware that some organisations may have a different training requirement than other companies/entities which is why we can offer a training solution to match your specific needs. Our team has thousands of hours of experience delivering RPAS training for corporate, government, and individual clients

Contact the EEI team today to see how we can create a training solution suited to you. 


Can you deliver a course at our premises?

Providing you have classroom facilities that meet our standard then we can provide the training at your premises.

We have a mixture of experiences within our team, do you provide hands on flight training?

Yes, we have a number of platforms that we can offer training on. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process so that you have the confidence to fly solo.

We are looking at flying predominately at night is there a special package that will help us fly safely?

Yes, we have a separate night module and a flying element that will help build your situational awareness at night.

Our Expert Trainers

  • Alex Kasperczyk, Director of Business Development

    More than 7yrs MQ-9 Reaper operating and instructional experience, amassing in excess of 2000hrs. One of only three MQ-9 Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWI) available in Industry, Alex brings in-depth expertise in the planning and delivery of RPAS operations, spanning the tactical and strategic domains. In addition, he also has Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test and Evaluation experience.

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  • Pete Towill, Head of Consultancy

    Served for 18 years in the Royal Air Force with over 3300 flying hours on Griffin, Merlin and MQ-9 Reaper platforms. A former Merlin training captain, he is also an experienced MQ-9 Launch and Recovery Element pilot and commander.

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Contact the EEI team today to see how we can create a training solution suited to you. 

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