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If you are looking to get formal qualifications to operate your drone or unmanned aircraft, then the Remote Systems Training Academy (RUSTA) can help. As the longest running unmanned training academy in the United Kingdom and one of the longest globally we have the reputation and qualifications to get operators trained to the highest standard achievable. 

RUSTA is accredited as a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) by the UK’s Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA). This accreditation allows RUSTA to deliver the General Visual Line of Certificate (GVC) and the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) in line with the regulatory change introduced in January 2021. The most obvious change is that qualifications are not just required for operators who are conducting operations for commercial applications but for all operators regardless of use. 

Not sure what the right course is for you? Contact RUSTA today on 01522 687681 or use the contact form below . Our training specialists will provide the right course of action to get you flying legally and safely as soon as possible.

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate

The GVC allows an operator to apply for an Operational Authorisation in the Specific category once they have completed their Flight Skills Assessment. This qualification is similar to the legacy PfCO and allows an Operator the scope to operate in different areas. The theory begins with access to our world leading Learning Management System (LMS). This online element consists of a pre-course e-learning package, which the candidate completes in their own time. Then the candidate either attends a two-day course at an approved RUSTA venue or can complete the online course via a media conferencing tool such as Zoom, Teams etc. The two days finish with an invigilated examination. The candidate then has to submit an Operations Manual, if they haven’t already got one, and conduct a Flight Skills Assessment. All these elements are explained during the two days and help is always on hand to guide the candidate through the process. 

A2 Certificate of Competency

The A2 Certificate of Competency is the entry level qualification and allows an operator to fly their drone in the A2 category (Close to people). This is a one-day course that culminates in an examination. 

Basic Flying Training

If you are new to the unmanned world then the rules and regulations, not to mention the operating can be intimidating. This is entirely understandable which is why RUSTA runs half and full days introductory to flying days. These sessions cover the basics such as briefing, weather, basic air handling and checklist procedures. This course gives the novice flyer the confidence and ability to operate safely and to the highest professional standards. All our instructors are ex Royal Air Force Aircrew who have thousands of hours flying on many different and varied platforms. 

Training the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services to fly drones.

Since 2015 RUSTA have been heavily involved in training emergency services to operate UAS.

Rusta uses it security experiences learnt from a combined 10000 hours flying UAV on operations, but the last 24 months has seen RUSTA recruit specialist law enforcement operators to it’s instructor cadre.

RUSTA’s Advanced CAA Unmanned Aircraft Training Course is a bespoke course specifically designed for the Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

The course is broken down into the theory phase and the flying phase. The theory phase consists of two days covering all the items that are included in the basic RUSTA drone training course. The flying phase is three days of intensive operating in the field. Combining both theory and practical (hands-on) training for operations of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), this unique course provides candidates with a tactical advantage which may assist with:

  • Emergency Response
  • Crime Management and Investigation
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Missing Persons
  • Road Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Demonstrations/Crowd Control
  • Property Search and Raids
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Basic Thermography RUSTA can shape a course to the organisations specific requirements and time-frames.

On successful completion of the flying phase an emergency services candidate is issued with their GVC & A2 CofC and awarded their prestigious RUSTA wings.

To find out how RUSTA can help call the office on 01522 687681 or use the contact form below

Some of our past customers include;
West Sussex Fire & Rescue, Surrey & Sussex Police, Lincolnshire Police, Thames Valley Police, Derbyshire Police, Cheshire Police and Leicestershire Police

Training the Military to fly drones.

RUSTA has the most qualified UAS instructors in the industry. The vast majority of these credentials were obtained and honed whilst serving in either the Royal Air Force or the Army Air Corps. All our instructors have completed the RAF Central Flying Schools Air Instructors Course at RAF college Cranwell. In addition to the instructors credentials all of RUSTA’s courses are designed to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) protocol which is familiar to all serving personnel in any of the UK’s Armed Forces.

RUSTA has, to date, delivered courses to the RAF, Army and Navy and is proud to deliver training back to the most professional Armed Forces in the world.

RUSTA not only covers the mandatory CAA regulations including the ANO and the CAP722 but they also cover the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) documentation such as the RA1600.

RUSTA has two sites near their HQ that can be utilised, alternatively RUSTA can conduct training at the customers site if viable.

In 2018 RUSTA was awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award for its continuing support to Her Majesty’s Forces.

To find out how RUSTA can help call the office on 01522 687681 or use the contact form below

Training your organisation to fly drones.

The variety of industries utilising Drone Technology has increased exponentially over the last 5 years. There are many varied users who have embraced drones from Agronomists who use the airborne data for agricultural purposes to news teams who want to get the best footage for a story.

At RUSTA we know, from experience,  that certain organisations require additional items to be covered in more detail or that they require extra flying training. That is why we have set up a separate training program aimed at business clients. If you are an organisation who require more than 5 operators to be trained we can conduct the training at your premises (subject to conditions) and we can add whatever additional items are requested.

We have conducted this training from Hong Kong to Switzerland to Bristol and have received great feedback from an eclectic mix of customers.

If your company is looking for the most professional training organisation with a bespoke program tailored to your requirements contact us and see how we can help.

Some of our past customers include:

UMS Skeldar | MITIE | Bayer Crop Science | Royal Navy | RAF | Ka-Boom | Natural England | Leica Geosystems | Agrovista | BASF | Waldeck | Waterway Ireland | UAS Flight Ops | Ministry of Defence | Frontier Agriculture | Steel Rock | West Sussex Fire & Rescue | Surrey & Sussex Police | Lincolnshire Police | Thames Valley Police | Derbyshire Police | Icon Films | Terminix | UWE plus many more…

RUSTA Alumni Membership

The RUSTA Alumni is an organisation created to provide benefits and support services to RUSTA graduates.

There are many advantages in joining the Alumni: –

  • Continuous support, including Ops Manual support at renewal
  • Quarterly News Letter
  • Free access to RUSTA networking events
  • Concessions on RUSTA services

Continuous Support

With the rules and regulations in constant flux, it can be confusing on what you need to amend or include in your ops manual when you come to renew. As a member of the Alumni we will take the pressure of you and ensure your documentation is up to standard prior to resubmission.

If you need clarification on any airspace issues or regulatory issues after you have finished the course our instructors will contact you and help in any way they can

Quarterly News Letter

Stay abreast of the UAV industry and connect with other graduates via our quarterly newsletter. Opportunities in the industry will also be listed.

Networking Events

The Alumni organisation will host events across the UK which will be open for Alumni members. This is a great opportunity to Network and meet some of the guest speakers we will be hosting.

Concession on RUSTA services

As a member of the Alumni you will also receive discounts on future RUSTA courses.

RUSTA Partners

In Addition RUSTA has partnered with companies in the SUAS industry who can offer further discounts on their products to Alumni members

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    Based on a solid aviation experience, RUSTA has trained over 2500 operators from many varied industries across the globe. Uniquely, all of RUSTA’s instructors and management come from a rich background in aviation from such organisations as the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps, Policing and Civil Aviation. This has not only allowed RUSTA to provide CAA qualifications but has also allowed accreditation through ProQual to allow RUSTA to award NVQ level 3 and 4 qualifications.