Drawing on our uniquely qualified personnel, EEI is the first UK sovereign company to offer training, Operational Support & Delivery , and consultancy across the whole spectrum of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), spanning global Defence, Security, and Civilian sectors.

Training Services

With a depth of MQ-9 Instructional qualifications and experience, including Qualified Weapons Instructors, launch and recovery elements (LRE) / Mission Control Elements (MCE) Instructors, Simulator instructors as well as previous USAF and UK qualifications, EEI can develop bespoke training packages – including defense systems approach to training (DSAT) compliant training materials, immersive scenario design, white force facilitation and expertise in integration of RPAS into synthetic and live fly exercises.

Catering for the broad training requirements of the Civil, Defence or Security RPA community from the undergraduate to postgraduate.

MCE Contract Support

EEI can provide assured manning solutions, mirroring a Military Flying Squadron construct, for Mission Control Element MALE RPAS Operations.

At the core of EEI is over 10,000 hours of Operational and Instructional MQ-9 experience and a combination of every UKRF qualification providing assurance at every level.

Our Squadron construct allows us to dovetail our operations, complementing on-going operational commitments for the civil, security or defence sectors globally.

Deployable LRE Contract Support:

EEI can overlay Launch and Recovery packages, in addition to MCE support, to further reduce pressure on established operations complimenting existing manpower or as a standalone service.

All of our previous MQ-9 operators have LRE experience, having commanded overseas LR operations including site move coordination.

Contractor Owned Contractor Operated (COCO) Solutions

A key collaboration between EEI and a world leading prime aerospace company enables us to deliver a cutting edge ‘turnkey’ ISR COCO serviced package anywhere in the world. Harnessing a diverse and advanced sensor suite on our contracted MALE RPAS allows us to provide timely unmanned BVLOS capability. Coupled with the most experienced UK ex-military MQ-9 operators, available in the world, we can ensure the highest quality discrete delivery of the most complex of task.


EEI exclusively brings to the market the first two MQ-9 Qualified Weapons Instructors, available to industry, able to deliver a full consultancy-based planning service for any emerging operations. With a depth of expertise, operationally proven, in establishing BVLOS / LOS unmanned capability into new areas of interest our full consultancy service will include a robust planning process, new location recce, in-depth planning report delivery and a follow-on engineering and crewing estimate.


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