RUSTA introduces new Exeter venue


UK – 21st March 2016

RUSTA will now be running a Remote Pilot Certificate course in Exeter.

Due to an increase in demand from remote pilot operators wishing to receive their Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) from the CAA, in order to operate their UAVs in the UK commercially and legally, RUSTA has added an Exeter course to their schedule in May.

“We have seen a substantial increase in operators wishing to gain their PfAW this year,” says Sion Roberts, Head of the Academy at RUSTA. “To cater for this demand we have scheduled an additional course in the Southwest.”

Running PfAW courses to the highest standard currently in the UK UAV industry, led by a team of ex-military Aircrew Instructors, RUSTA has gone from strength to strength.

Over 300 operators have now been trained by the academy which include members of the police force and emergency services, forensic science teams, ABC and BBC journalists and camera operators, professional photographers, building surveyors and agronomists.

The PFAW training (titled the Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS by the academy) involves two and a half days in a classroom which includes a theory exam, support to develop an Operations Manual which ultimately goes to the CAA, and a practical flight test to evaluate remote pilot safety and competency.

Remote pilots have the option of completing both the theory and practical elements of the course in Devon with a flight test site also available in the area.

The classroom theory course will be taking place at Reed Hall, a grand Italianate Mansion, within the University of Exeter grounds.

To find out further information about the Exeter course please contact RUSTA on 01454-643100 or email