RUSTA Drone Training Specialists partner with ARC Aerial Imaging

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]RUSTA partners with ARC Aerial Imaging to deliver market leading 2-day SUAS business development course in Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping and Surveying. Andy Carmen Managing Director of ARC Aerial Imaging will be delivering the course at RUSTA’s Head Quarters in Lincoln.

Sion Roberts Managing Director of RUSTA and Andy Carmen are combining RUSTAs facilities with Andy’s Imagery analyst expertise. Both Andy and Sion joined the Royal Air Force on the same day in 1992 both served at one time on 31 Squadron (gold stars).

This is a fantastic opportunity for existing PFCO holders and businesses to learn the important theory and fundamentals of aerial imaging. This course will enhance their understanding and approaches towards mapping planning with drones through various collection techniques for the accurate collation of aerial imaging for the onward creation of mapping/surveying and other technical geospatial products.

Instructed by Andy an Aerial Imaging and Spatial Analyst with subject matter knowledge and expertise, Andy has over 25 years of formal knowledge and experience with multiple forms of aerial imaging and processed spatial data who is in possession of specialist military certifications and accreditations in this field of expertise.

This continuous professional and business development course is intended for qualified and experienced individual drone operators or drone-operating organisations who are commercially engaged, for example, in the following industries and are seeking to enhance their current knowledge and operating skills or are requiring training their staff in mapping with drones such as: Construction, Precision Agriculture, Mining and Aggregates, Autonomous Structural Inspection and Surveying, Member of The Emergency Services, Photogrammetry and GIS.

Upon completion of this course attendees will be in a more informed position to be able to provide drone aerial imaging mapping planning consultation to their clients and to collect accurate drone aerial imaging for their client’s mapping and surveying needs with a high degree of confidence.

‘Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course’ will be held 13th – 14th September 2018 at RUSTA HQ in Lincoln.

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