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EEI is delighted to announce that effective as of 19th July 2021 EEI and Crown Strategic Consulting have merged and formed EEI Asset Protection Solutions Ltd (EEI-APS) as a subsidiary entity of the Eagle Eye Innovations Group.


The merger and creation of EEI-APS puts the group in a position of strength to be able to develop and structure APS to be a global standard in asset protection, security design, risk management and project implementation. Utilising unmanned aviation technology for proactive and reactive solutions. APS can call upon its Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across the EEI group to support and enhance the security focussed output of EEI-APS.

EEI-APS has a desire to create a safer operational working environment utilising Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. With the ever increasing use of unmanned aviation for criminal, terrorist, and illegal gain, the time has come for the security industry to embrace the requirement to upskill its process’ to incorporate technology as a standard safety protocol.

The experience, resources and established networks of Crown Strategic Consulting coupled with the unique set of skills that make EEI world leaders on all matters relating to RPAS training and operations across all genres and classifications will set the new required standard for Asset Protection, safer working environments and effective operational risk management processes.

Jordan crown – director of asset protection solutions

“I am excited by the opportunities that present themselves from this merger and the creation of EEI Asset Protection Solutions”.

“Our goals and objectives for APS over the coming months include; establishing EEI-APS as an SME led, jointly driven physical, pure risk management and RPAS security product”.

“We are already working hard to create a tiered solution package that incorporates short term rapid, globally deployable consultancy and security surveying, instruction, and training services in the use of RPAS in a security focused role. This will sit alongside long-term, embedded risk management, consultancy, and implementation services. Our final aim is to have a deployable solution towards the end of Q3 2021”.

“The creation of EEI-APS as a result of the Merger between EEI and Crown Strategic Consulting Ltd represents an exciting opportunity for EEI to diversify our current business markets and adds an already established, experienced and successful business network to our group from day one. I am also delighted that Jordan Crown has joined the EEI group as Managing Director of EEI-APS. I look forward to working with him to make EEI-APS a global standard in asset protection, security design, risk management and project implementation, utilising unmanned aviation technology”

Sion Robert – EEI Managing Director

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