Game of Drones with Ka-Boom Post Production Company


01 October 2015 – Belfast, UK

Belfast-based Ka-Boom, one of Northern Ireland’s largest and most experienced Post Production companies for TV and Film, have expanded their customer offerings to include Aerial Videography with the help of RUSTA training.

The Ka-Boom team, whose post production work includes Additional Dialogue Replacement (ADR) and DVD commentary recording for the hit TV show Game of Thrones, attended the RUSTA course held in May this year.

Beginning their journey by joining the theory course led by RUSTA’s Head of Academy Sion Roberts, Ka-Boom team members Zach Willis and Phil Crothers, together with colleague Niall Doherty, experienced first-hand the high level of training and customer support expected from a RUSTA course.

“We began the course as it was a necessity for us to gain our Permission for Aerial Work from the CAA in order to expand our business into the commercial aerial work field”, explained Zach Willis, Post Production Producer at Ka-Boom. “We didn’t expect to acquire, plus retain, the vast range of knowledge about UAV flying and regulations in just two days. The added benefit came from the level of experience Sion clearly brought into the classroom and support he offered after we had left.”

To complete the process, the Ka-Boom team submitted their Ops Manual for evaluation, which as a CAA approved NQE, RUSTA has permission to evaluate on the CAA’s behalf.

After receiving news that their Ops Manual was satisfactory, the team were required to complete their Operational Evaluation (or Flight Test) with RUSTA, to ensure compliance and safety standards were met.

At the request of Ka-Boom, RUSTA arranged to complete the Operational Evaluation at a location outside of Belfast. Dodging the odd shower, the team got airborne using their Inspire 1 and completed their test, performing the emergency procedures in their Ops Manual successfully.

“All three candidates from Ka-Boom had clearly prepared for their Operational Evaluation and effectively demonstrated their ability to fly safely,” observed Sion. “They had a firm understanding of their emergency procedures and it was a pleasure awarding the Ka-Boom team with their Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS and RUSTA Wings.”

Phil Crothers, Producer and Director at Ka-Boom expressed, “We can’t recommend Sion and the RUSTA team highly enough and look forward to furthering the links we’ve formed with them since undertaking the course.”

As an additional thank you from the team, RUSTA were invited onto the Game of Thrones set in Belfast to watch the filming of Season 6. As NDA’s were signed and spoilers are not allowed, what they saw cannot be discussed.

Since being awarded their PFAW, the Ka-Boom team have completed aerial work commissioned for the BBC, Channel 4, UTV and are currently engaged on a feature film due for release in 2016.

To contact Ka-Boom about their aerial work or post production capabilities, please call +44 (0)2890 315 063 or go to

To contact RUSTA about an upcoming course and how to receive your PFAW, please call +44 (0)1454 643 100 or email

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