Existing Aviation Qualification candidate reports back


25 June 2015 – Bristol, UK

RUSTA welcomes commercial pilot and ex flying instructor Jonathon onto the Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS course as an EAQ candidate.

During the last Remote Pilot Certification SUAS theory course, Jonathon (or Jon) joined the Bristol group and provided valuable feedback for experienced aviators looking to use their UAS, UAV or drone for commercial purposes.

As a highly qualified, and very experienced pilot, Jon was already highly knowledgeable in the areas of Air Law, Principles of Flight and Meteorology. He joined the full course group on day two as a RUSTA Existing Aviation Qualification (EAQ) candidate. This variant of the full course allows candidates with proven pilot competency to bypass the theoretical aspects they are already aware of, yet attend the classroom aspect which prepares them for using their UAV in the commercial world.

EAQ candidates gain understanding of the following critical elements from the theory course:

  • Emergency Procedures
  • CAP722
  • Flight Navigation
  • Operations Manual Guidance
  • Flight Planning and Risk Assessment Exercise (which provides preparation for the Practical Assessment/Flight Test)

The feedback received from Jon confirmed RUSTA’s ideas on the direction that should be taken for all EAQ candidates:

Allow them the opportunity to learn the theoretical and legal aspects of commercial UAV and drone operation, without covering information and topics they are already well aware of.


Here is what Jon had to say about RUSTA’s EAQ course:

“As a commercial pilot and ex flying instructor wanting to start my own SUAS aerial photography business I intended to make the most of the CAA alleviation to doing a theory course to obtain my Permission For Air Work. However, while talking to various training schools, it became apparent that while I knew the aviation industry I still had a lot to learn about drone operations.

After initially thinking I would just move straight to the practical flight test I spoke to Sion at RUSTA about the Existing Aviation Qualification course that they offered and it seemed like it would be the best compromise.

I joined the full course on day two and without repeating general aviation subjects such as charts and meteorology. We covered the subjects specific to a drone business including the pertinent air law, operations manuals, risk assessments and flight planning including extremely useful group exercises.

As useful as the teaching was, it was also invaluable to meet a group of fellow aspiring drone operators and talk about their ideas and experiences.

Thanks to the course I am confident I am better prepared for running the business and flying my drones legally and commercially. I am sure the benefits of taking the course will more than pay for itself and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in a similar position of having aviation experience but being new to drones and aerial work.”

Please contact RUSTA for more information on the EAQ and full Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS.