Dronecast with Waldeck

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]RUSTA have the pleasure of working with a varied clientele. In order to show you more in-depth of who we train and how our specialist training can benefit companies, we will be bringing you RUSTA Dronecast’s. These will be videos showcasing the companies whom we train in varying industries. You can view all of our RUSTA Dronecast’s via our YouTube Channel.

One of our major clients is Waldeck who we work closely with and train their UAV operators. Waldeck are “a unique, technology focused, multi-disciplinary engineering, technical and risk management consultancy which supports the public sector, private sector and global blue-chip organisations in succeeding with heavy infrastructure, industrial and major building projects.”

This dronecast is hosted by Amy Cheeseman (UAV & Digital Capture Lead/BIM Co-ordinator) who works for and on behalf of Waldeck who will be discussing the use of UAV’s at Waldeck. Check it out here 

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