Can’t find the time to complete a course for a PfCO?



At RUSTA we understand that most people lead busy working lives. The ability to afford nearly three days off work to attend a course, that will allow them to apply to the CAA, is not a possibility for many of our clients. Which is why last year RUSTA launched it’s full online training package to facilitate those individuals who can’t make it to the classroom.

The following is a testimonial from one of our recent graduates, Chris Wilson from Aeroscape, who took the online route. If you are thinking of investing in a course this may help your decision.


I did a lot of research into gaining my PFCO from the CAA and looked for a reputable source of training.  With an established background in aviation and working full time I noticed that RUSTA was one of only several companies providing the full online training. 


I signed up and the process was completely trouble free and very responsive from my first submission. I was instantly given access to the online portal, which was easy to navigate. The learning content of the online learning package was straight forward concise and easy to interpret.  After 6 hours of online training I then waited to receive the aide memoir in the post, which would help to underpin the knowledge I gained from the online portal. 


After reading through this I took the mock exam and scored very well. I then used the online portal and the documentation I received in order to brush up on the theory, progress to the writing of my Operations Manual and to prepare for my Operational Evaluation. 


At this point all contact was virtual until I met the guys behind RUSTA. 


With a Laid back but extremely professional approach, coupled with a huge amount of aviation experience from both manned and unmanned platforms, they quickly made me feel at ease. 


Dan and Sion from RUSTA could not do enough to go out their way to accommodate me on my operational evaluation. 


To that end I am now in a position to apply for my CAA approval. 

In terms of service it was responsive, professional and second to none. Given that I was a virtual student I had never met the examiner before but instantly felt at ease. 


The guys at RUSTA offer a great service and they can’t help enough with any queries or questions you may have.  I would thoroughly recommend the online course for the simplicity and freedom to be able to complete around a busy work schedule.  


If there were a downside it would be that I never got to meet other colleagues and share their experiences.  However upon meeting the other candidates and the instructors on the flight test day I didn’t feel like an outsider. 


Always happy to help and nothing was too much trouble. 


I would recommend the online course

Big thanks to the guys at RUSTA it’s the way forward. 


Chris Wilson 


Director of Aeroscape “