Boring but essential…

Operations Manual

 As aviators we don’t believe in shortcuts. Cutting corners or not giving something the correct level of attention in aviation can ultimately have catastrophic consequences. At RUSTA we apply the same principles from our extensive military flying careers to our day-to-day UAV training operations. We strive for accuracy on all elements of flight, from the planning phase to the flying element and the final debrief. We believe that it is critical that candidates understand their own operations, aircraft and procedures. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on the candidates writing and understanding their own operations manuals.  Many other organisations pay lip service to this essential requirement providing a generic manual for an operator without any input from the individuals who will be utilising it.

That’s why at RUSTA we have a team of dedicated professionals who are on hand to guide and facilitate our candidates to ensure that they write their own ops manuals to the best possible standard achievable. If you are paying for a UAV course make sure you get the best possible training standard and avoid taking unnecessary shortcuts it will make you a more rounded, professional and credible operator.

“Even if you have constrained resources, don’t cut corners. People will feel it. ” Tony Fadell